Social Voice

Social VoiceIs this you?: Your organization does not have a social media presence or platform strategy. You know with social media, you can drive up loyalty, reach younger audience, improve SEO and increase brand awareness, but it’s not working for you. You want to interact with and engage your members, but you don’t know where to start. It’s time to get active with interactive.

Strathmore Solution: Strathmore’s Social Voice is a comprehensive program to help your organization create an online voice for your brand in the social media. Strathmore will manage, measure and monitor your brand and provide consistent relevant content to sustain your voice. Your Social Voice will be most powerful when it is constant.

MORE Advantages: Strathmore can help you build unique opportunities for interaction and engagement that will drive customer loyalty through the social media platform. In other words, we’ll help create forums for two-way conversations.

Strathmore Social Voice Expertise

  • Develop social media strategy
  • Content planning and development
  • Social deployment planning and monitoring
  • Social network site development
  • Create engagement programs and promotions
  • Metrics measurement and analytical reporting