Mobile Loyalty

Mobile LoyaltyIs this you?: Your organization doesn’t have a mobile presence or platform strategy. You need to reach a younger demo because you know they just aren’t using plastic loyalty cards anymore and redemption rates on offers are dropping like a bad cell connection. Call in for some mobile marketing magic.

Strathmore Solution: Mobile Loyalty is a comprehensive solution to drive engagement to your members’ mobile device. By pushing content to the mobile platform, you can build unique opportunities for engagement that can improve customer experience and build loyalty.

MORE Advantages: Strathmore can help develop the roll-out strategy for your Mobile Loyalty program to ensure a successful launch. Offers, usage, and other key metrics, can be captured along the way… so you’ve gone mobile and can measure response and loyalty along the way. Talk about making a good call.

Strathmore Mobile Loyalty Expertise

  • Assessment of current loyalty program
  • Development of mobile loyalty strategy
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Develop, create and implement marketing plan for new program
  • Measure and monitor usage for analysis and refinement