Custom Pubs

Custom PubsIs this you?: Your organization needs to do a better job reaching your core prospects. You’re not effectively communicating with your current members or customers. You want to strengthen your brand message and build a social networking community.

Strathmore Solution: Custom pubs are highly targeted marketing programs that focus on your core prospects and customers. Generally developed in print with strong web support—giving you integrated multichannel tools and a powerful platform for building a social media network.

MORE Advantages: With Strathmore developing a custom pub that you “sponsor,” your organization’s strategic message feels more like news coming from an outside source than marketing. It allows you to own a particular subject matter. Through print and online promotional programs, Strathmore can capture valuable data that can be leveraged to further engage prospects and members.

Strathmore Custom Pub Expertise

  • Research, concept and strategy development
  • Content, design, production of pub
  • Website and social network development
  • Advertising sales
  • Distribution development
  • Measure & monitor response rates