Channel Track

Channel TrackIs this you?: You’ve finally developed a multichannel marketing communications program, but sales is complaining about the quality of your leads and your response time is slow or delayed. You’re not sure which marketing channel is giving you the best leads. Measuring ROI is a M-E-S-S.

Strathmore Solution: Channel Track combines multiple silos of response databases from all channels, and then we aggregate the data to provide a single view of your prospect or client. We also analyze the data for trends and targeted opportunities. Suddenly, the response rates improve from your lead inquiries and all is good with the world.

MORE Advantages: Channel Track is a qualification process for response to marketing campaigns. Highly efficient follow-up techniques are applied to ensure that leads are high quality and fresh. We also track where all leads come from, so your next campaign is more focused and you achieve true marketing ROI.

Strathmore Channel Track Expertise

  • Data collection and analytics
  • Design architecture of multichannel marketing response programs
  • Response measurement and monitoring
  • Qualify leads for quality and freshness
  • ROI analysis for each marketing channel