Printing and Marketing for Associations

Printed directories for professional associationsThe Strathmore Company is a printing and marketing company that specializes in catering to associations. Our work with associations spans across many areas; from printing brochures, magazines, newsletters, annual trade show directories, to providing expert graphic design, complete warehousing and fulfillment services. The Strathmore Company also provides marketing campaigns designed for member retention and member recruitment; often utilizing cross-media technologies such as mobile sites and social media. Our latest benefit to associations is our Smart Print; a way to generate revenue and offset production costs through the strategic selling of advertising and sponsorships within printed materials and online.


Question: Does an association need to utilize all of the Strathmore Company’s services or can we select only the ones we need?
Answer: You may choose the services on a selected basis…a’ la carte if you will; for instance maybe we print your material but you retain the design.

Question: To whom do you solicit advertising and sponsorships in order to create revenue to offset production costs?
Answer: Under your control and review, we sell advertising and sponsorships (larger revenue programs) to businesses and entities aligned with your associations business or sector. Advertisers and sponsors are viewed as providing necessary products and services to your membership.

Question: How can you assist our Association with membership retention and membership growth?
Answer: We do this in various ways such as loyalty programs, direct mail, telephone surveys, mobile websites, and social media programs.

Our services include:

  • Design
  • Creative
  • Marketing programs
  • Website development
  • Full spectrum of printed items
  • Trade show ROI
  • Meetings and convention work

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