Why Printed Short Run Publications Should Stay Alive

By Richelle Wescott

If the New Yorker still believes their magazine will be ran in print form in twenty years, why shouldn’t your advertisements and publications be as well? Here at the Strathmore Company we help some Internet retailers and associations expand beyond their digital email blasts. We provide them with services for short run print publications; a tangible publication that consumers can’t just click to their email trash.

Case Study: How Smart Print Saved the Aurora Borealis

By Richelle Wescott

If you look back to our most recent post "Advertising Isn't So Bad" you'll see why Smart Print is an efficient and economical solution. Now that being said, it's much easier to understand why Smart Print saved the Aurora Borealis newsletter. 

Advertising Isn’t So Bad

By: Richelle Wescott

You may be thinking to yourself, the banner ads that pop up at me when I open up my Facebook page for the day are unbelievable. I would never want that in my publication that I submit to my community or consumers; I would never want to bombard them in the same fashion. Little did you know you actually control some of your Facebook advertising, and the ads that we solicit for your publication will actually benefit you and your community as well.

Buying Ad Space in a Smart Print Publication

By Richelle Wescott

Did you know that when you buy ad space in a publication that uses The Strathmore Company’s Smart Print solution that The Strathmore Company will actually create the advertisement for you? This is one of the many perks that help our customers who want us to advertise their business as well as our customers who want us to print their publication. By keeping all of the advertising creation in-house we can cut the costs and confusion for everyone involved. 

The Uncanny Connection between Amazon Kindle Fire and Smart Print Solutions

By Richelle Wescott

Starting August 1st The Strathmore Company plans on entering our customers into a drawing for a new Kindle Fire. Aside from our upcoming contest though, Amazon’s Android tablet has an even more integral tie to The Strathmore Company’s Smart Printing Solution.

In a recent article from Wired.com titled, Amazon Pitching Kindle Fire Welcome-Screen Ads for $600K by Roberto Baldwin, the new ad supported Kindle Fire was discussed. If the newest Kindle continues to offer an ad-supported model they will typically be 30 percent cheaper than the ad-free versions, meaning a 25 percent price reduction for consumers (making it $150). But why does this matter to the Smart Print customer?

When to consider a Marketing “Makeover”

Sometimes you just have a feeling and other times you know for sure… it’s time to re-tool your marketing efforts. We get asked that a lot – “when do I know it’s time for a change”. Well, you might want to consider making some changes if any of the following pertain to your business.

You don’t have clearly-defined goals for your marketing plan. If you’re creating new ads or Facebook pages or catalogs or anything else “just because”, then you’re wasting time and money. You must consider your overall business goals and objectives, and then build a marketing plan to help you meet them.

A Smart Print Testimonial

"The Strathmore’s Smart Print Solution did something for the Aurora Public Library that I was hoping we could accomplish to help lower the cost of printing our quarterly newsletter: they helped us get ads into our publication.

I felt the Strathmore representatives were very helpful in getting us through the process of acquiring board of director approval and also working with our attorney on the language for the contract.

We have put out two newsletters with ads and will soon be working on our third.

I felt the process has gone smoothly; I am pretty demanding about what I want and how I want our newsletter to look (it goes to 66,000 homes), and The Strathmore has been happy to accommodate.

Are short-run publications right for your marketing mix?

Are you an internet retailer with a big catalog? Are you an association or non-profit relying on e-mail and your website for customer communications? How has the response been from those efforts? If you’re like most people, you are probably wondering how to bring more value to your members or customer base and, in turn, increase loyalty and revenues. If so, short-run targeted publications may be the answer.

Introduction to QR Codes

QR Code with LogoLike most marketers, we’re starting to see the full potential of using QR (Quick Response) codes in promotional materials. However, since many customers are still new to the concept, we thought we’d do a brief introduction to QR codes and their use in marketing.

Integrating Smart Print Across the Board

When we talk about our Smart Print program, we tend to focus on the obvious use: newsletters and directories. Smart Print, however, is a flexible solution that can be applied across all of your marketing materials, saving you money and increasing response.

Here are a few examples...

Digital Print - Even short-run flyers and brochures can feature a small ad or two that helps cover the cost of printing.

Website Ads - The same businesses that are advertising in your printed material are likely to advertise on your website.