Creative Services: The Strathmore Company Methodology

By: Richelle Wescott

At Strathmore Creative Services, our aim is to provide your business with an effective marketing program, no matter what size or scope your project entails. To do this, we have a very specific methodology:

1. We need to learn about your overall goals and objectives. These will guide all of our concepts and recommendations. 

2. We need to know your current marketing strategy and what you need to accomplish with a new marketing solution. We use this information to strategize a pertinent solution for your company.

3. We need to understand your position within your marketplace, in addition to the perceptions of your customers and the positioning of your competition.

After we gather all the information we need, we can begin to provide your company with a branding strategy, creative services, and the production capabilities your program requires.

Please feel free to contact us about our methodology today!

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