Buying Ad Space in a Smart Print Publication

By Richelle Wescott

Did you know that when you buy ad space in a publication that uses The Strathmore Company’s Smart Print solution that The Strathmore Company will actually create the advertisement for you? This is one of the many perks that help our customers who want us to advertise their business as well as our customers who want us to print their publication. By keeping all of the advertising creation in-house we can cut the costs and confusion for everyone involved. 

So next time you think about your printing needs, keep in mind that The Strathmore company can cut your own printing costs by selling ad space, and can also help provide for your advertisers (the people helping to fund your publication) by taking out the hard work of creating a new design. The Strathmore Company’s Smart Print solution aims to help and provide for all of those involved. It’s not about us, but what we can do for you.

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